I am happy to announce that I am now taking new clients again!  I am currently in the Mount Shasta, California area, and in-person readings and full sessions can be arranged by special appointment on a limited basis.  Locations may vary, so drop me a message and we can talk about it further.

Here is a list of my current offerings.  Click on each link to be taken to a page (on a new tab) with a full description.  You will be taken to my Etsy site.  Opening an Etsy account is FREE and allows you to shop in a HUGE marketplace of independent business owners working to break free of the corporate mindset and turn their dreams into their Right Work.  And with your account, you can set up your own Etsy site and start turning YOUR dreams into YOUR Right Work, too!

I do live spiritual counseling sessions by Skype or phone at the current rate of $120 per hour.

I also offer psychic tarot and oracle card readings delivered in mp3 format with email notes.

10 Card Customized Reading:  $89

5 Card Customized Reading:  $49

3 Card Customized Reading:  $29

Check Out My Super Inexpensive Psychic and Spiritual Coaching Packages!

I also offer huge discounts on packages for weekly readings, both 3-card and 5-card, so you can get fantastic ongoing psychic coaching support for whatever you are working to manifest in your life.  You will not find a better deal on spiritual coaching anywhere.  And let me tell you, if you’re serious about making things happen in your life, ongoing spiritual coaching is invaluable, and it flat-out WORKS.

1 Month of (4) 5-card Readings:  $149

1 Month of (4) 3-card Readings:  $89

Yes, you’re seeing it right, you are basically getting 4 readings for the price of 3!  I really want you to get the support you need.  You don’t have to use these weekly, either.  You can schedule your 4 readings any way you like.  You can even purchase packages (or any other type of reading or session) for other people as gifts!

In addition to my customized readings, I’ve come to realize that most people don’t really know what kinds of questions can be answered in a reading, and just how incredibly helpful readings can be for a variety of situations!  So I’ve created a variety of specialized readings to address specific things you might be working to manifest.  Take a look at my list to see if anything jumps out to you!  These are readings I use in my everyday life, so I know they work!

Life Purpose Realm Reading:  $120

Etsy Business Plan Reading:  $89

Mega Business-Builder Reading:  $199

Create Your Right Work Reading:  $49

Grow Your Business Reading:  $69

Abundance Activation Reading:  $49

Decision-Maker Reading:  $49

New Idea Check-In Reading:  $49

Mood Lifter Reading:  $29

Past-Life Reading:  $49

Archangel Crystal Reading:  $19

Archangel One-Card Reading:  $9

How Readings Are Delivered

Readings are delivered in mp3 format by email and include a written summary and image of your spread. Following your reading, you will be sent an mp3 recording of it which you can listen to as many times as you like to really integrate the information and energies, including special energy channelings of abundance that reactivate each time you listen to them.

I suggest you take notes as you listen to your reading, and keep them handy as you re-listen to your reading so you can jot down new ideas, inspirations, insights, and psychic information that comes through, as every time you listen, you will tap right back into the flow of energy we opened during the session, and you can get new insights each time!

If you work with crystals, you may also want to have a cleansed crystal with you as you listen, as crystals store and transmit information, and you can program your crystal to store the energy of the reading and then radiate it afterward to keep the ideas, inspirations, and abundance flowing all the time! A simple clear quartz crystal works best for this, and you can use the same one again for your next reading, as crystals can store HUGE volumes of information. They are what makes your computer, phone, watch, radios, and all manner of other electronic technology work! Wearing your crystal as a pendant can be an amazing way to keep your energy focused on what you are working to attract in your life. If you don’t have one or don’t have a shop nearby to purchase one, I’m sure you can find all kinds of very inexpensive choices on etsy.

Oh, and by law, I must notify you that I do not intend to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any condition, and my consultation is not intended to take the place of the services of a licensed medical professional. And of course, this being a free will planet, what you do with the guidance I give you is up to you!

Drop me a line if you have any questions!



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