Hey all,

I don’t have to tell you we’re in dramatically transformational times!  And one transformation that has occurred for me is yesterday, I received a huge dose of clarity from Spirit on the next steps to take in my life and business, and based on those insights, I’ve decided to go back to using my legal name in my practice, Satina Scott.  Talia Shekinah Elohim is indeed the greater truth of who I am, but based on the insights gained yesterday, I’ve decided that expressing myself under my legal name will best serve my life purpose at this time!  I will be abandoning this blog and have moved everything over to my new one at  I hope that anyone who has chosen to follow this blog in the few months it has been up will choose to follow me over there!  Things are about to get really fun!  I am in the process of putting up a new YouTube channel as well, Indigo Mystic, and I’ve created a new Facebook page, Satina Scott – The Indigo Mystic.  Come visit me there to play along!

Wishing you peace and prosperity, love and clarity, as we ride the shifting currents together!

Love in the Highest,

Satina Scott


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